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J-1 visa programs


European Union nationals residing in France or in the UK can present their application to the American Consulate in Paris or London without any inconvenience.

We strongly recommend that participants from countries outside the European Union apply for their visa in their country of origin.

Non-EU nationals who decide to apply in Paris will have to prove their ties to France by providing documents such as: temporary or permanent residence permit, rent receipts, bills, employment contract, payslips, bank references, any other personal reference, return plane ticket to the country of residence or origin.

Your passport must be valid six months after the end date of your summer job. You must also provide a letter from the local immigration authorities confirming that your residence permit will be renewed once you return to France.

The US consulates in Bern and in London require all foreign nationals (with the exception of EU residents) to apply from their country of origin. You can always call and check directly with the consulate, as rules and procedures change frequently.