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J-1 visa programs


The « Internship/Training Placement Plan » (DS-7002) must be completed online by your main supervisor in your host company. Do not, under any circumstances, fill out this form yourself.

You will have to invite your main supervisor in your host organization to fill out the online training plan (DS-7002) as soon as you’re connected to CIEE’s platform.  In order to do this, you’ll have to click on « Training Plan » and then on « Invite », enter your primary supervisor’s last name, first name and email address and then click on « Send Invitation » at the bottom of the email.

Once your supervisor has completed the training plan, you will receive an email notification asking for your countersignature. Make sure to fill out the  « Program Details » section if you’ve not already done so.

The training plan will be evaluated according to the criteria set by the sponsor and the US Department of State as detailed on CIEE’s website : DS7002 Trainee.