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J-1 visa programs


Compare pricing

You should not pay for a placement service. Looking for a placement or internship should only cost you time and energy. At Parenthese, no deposit is required and we help you find an employer for free. Sponsorship payment is only due if you accept an offer and decide to send us your application. There is no financial risk on your side. So go ahead and explore all the opportunities that are waiting for you!

  • All sponsors are responsible for providing certain services, one of which is your U.S. Health and Accident insurance coverage. The CIEE insurance covers you up to $US 100 000 000 for the Internship or Professional Career Training program and $US 100 000 for the Summer Work & Travel program. Even though this amount may seem high by European standards, American hospital bills can quickly surpass it, especially in case of serious accidents.
  • J-1 visa rules and regulations require sponsors to complete an on-site inspection of all new hosting companies with fewer than 25 employees or less than 3-million dollar annual turnover. We do not charge you anything for this mandatory visit. Other sponsors will invoice you between 200 and 450 Euros extra for this site visit.

Look at application procedures and timeframe

  • We have done our best to make your life easier. Our application does not require reference letters, original documents or expensive translations. We save you time and money with our online application system and processing. You know immediately if your application is complete or not, if it can be accepted or not. No other sponsor has faster turn around times for your DS-2019 & SEVIS receipt.
  • At Parenthese, a site visit will only add 2 business days at no extra cost to the processing time of your file compared to 2 to 6 weeks and an additional cost ranging between $200 and $400 for other sponsors.

Take the time to find out who is working on your application

Most agencies work with part-time staff or interns. The J-1 visa program is complex and requires extensive training. Parenthese staff has more experience than any other agency. We have enough information on the programs and the regulations to foresee problems and find solutions. All of our team members are hired on permanent contracts. This insures the highest quality of information given on the programs and competence in processing your application.

Take into account the follow-up and on-going contact with your sponsor

All sponsors must verify your employer in the U.S. During this vetting process, you will have weekly updates from us regarding the status of your application. This enables you to plan ahead for your U.S. Embassy appointment. It also allows you to get to know your employer better. You are immediately informed of any concerns with your employer or training plan. This weekly follow-up is exclusive to Parenthese.


Choose a sponsor and an agency based on reputation. CIEE is the oldest and largest sponsor of J-1 visas. Parenthese organizes over 100 conferences per year to help you find your employer. Ask your University Internship or Careers’ office for guidance and recommendation.


Choose a sponsor with a physical office. Make sure you are not just dealing with an online agency. Ideally the sponsor’s or representative’s office should be in the same city as the U.S. Embassy in case you have any problems or questions at the last moment.

Use your common sense

Take the time to speak with the sponsor or its representative over the phone or in person. Make sure to ask all of your questions and test them on their program knowledge. The sponsor will be with you before, during and after your program. So choose wisely!