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J-1 visa programs




Who are you? Why do I need to go through an organization like yours?

If you wish to work or gain practical, professional experience in the United States, whether your training or internship is paid or not, and regardless of its duration, the US Department of State requires that you obtain a J-1 visa, category « Summer Work and Travel », « Intern » or « Trainee ».

In order to obtain this visa, you must go through a sponsor organization. Your host company cannot be your sponsor unless it can deliver the certificate of eligibility entitled « DS-2019 ». This case is rather unusual.

To give you access to J-1 visas, Parenthese has set up a partnership with CIEE (Council on International Educational Exchange), designated official sponsor by the US Department of State. Together, Parenthese and CIEE allow you to work during the summer or undertake a structured program of practical training (1 to 18 months) within a US host company.

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Can Parenthese find me an internship or a job?

Yes we can ! Parenthese has placement services for Singapore and Australia. We can also help you free of charge; find your paid summer job or training in the United States. Contact us for more information.

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So what do you do? Why do I have to pay to get the DS-2019?

You do not only pay for the DS-2019. You pay for all the services included.

The DS-2019 is a legal document, numbered and nominative, issued by the US government through a legal sponsor.

The issuance of the DS-2019 requires several verifications in Europe as well as in the United States. It also requires follow-up and a 24 hour/7 days a week service on the part of your sponsor. We also provide you with the necessary insurance for the duration of your stay in the US.

The presence of a sponsor is the only way American employers will accept you as international trainees or seasonal workers. Without a sponsor, they would have to get into a long-term and expensive process to obtain a work permit for you!

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But I already have my own insurance

The insurance policy included in your program fees is mandatory.

This allows the sponsor to have the same insurance policy for all its participants and guarantee the coverage required by the US Department of State.

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I already have my training or my job. Do I have to pay the same amount as someone looking for an employer?

Yes. Even if you have already found your internship or your job, you must pay all the Parenthese fees since they do not include work placement.

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I can’t download the DS-2019!

This is normal! The DS-2019 form is not a document one can download. It is delivered officially by the American government through your legal sponsor (in this case, CIEE).

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I was told that I didn’t need a visa if I stayed less than 90 days

A common mistake! If you are going to the United Sates for any other purpose than tourism, you must have a visa*. If you leave without a visa, you are running the following risks:

  • being refused entry at customs (a bit expensive for a trip!)
  • not being authorized to return to the US for several years

* If you do not have a biometric passport or if your biometric passport was delivered after October 26, 2005, you need a tourist visa, even for a period shorter than 90 days. Please check with your local United States Consulate.

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I saw the waiting period to make an appointment on the Embassy website, I will never be able to leave on time!

Do not worry. For all our programs (internship, training or summer Work and Travel), the turnaround time for the receipt of your DS-2019 is 2 to 3 weeks.

In spite of high demand, the embassy is doing its best to give J-1 visa applicants an appointment as soon as possible. You have priority over tourist visa applicants.

We will e-mail you instructions on how to make an appointment.

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When can I make my appointment at the Embassy?

Please do not schedule your appointment at the Consulate before sending us your application and receiving specific instructions from us. We process applications the same day they are received. As soon as your application is complete, we will send you confirmation by e-mail indicating the date from which you can schedule your appointment.

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What do I tell my employer about filling out the Internship/Training Placement Plan?

Tell them to download it directly from the CIEE website:

They will find all necessary information concerning this form on the website.

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I have to leave as soon as possible, what is the shortest possible timeline to get my visa?

It depends on the program. In all cases, there are two differentsteps : first, the receipt of your DS-2019 and Sevis and afterwards, the issuing of your visa.

For Internship USA and PCT USA, you will get your DS2019 & SEVIS in:

  • 7 business days = With Expedited Fees
  • 2 weeks = With Acceleration Fees
  • 3 weeks = Without Acceleration Fees

If your employer does require a site visit, you need to add 48 hours to these timeframes.

You can generally count on receiving your visa in 48 hours after your interview at the embassy.

For summer Work and Travel, the turnaround time for your DS-2019 and Sevis is between 2 to 3 weeks.

NOTE: the countdown begins at the time your application is complete, which is when you receive our confirmation e-mail with all information on how to make an appointment at the Embassy.

Waiting periods to obtain the visas are given for your information only and do not engage in any way the responsibility of Parenthese.

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What is the difference between Internship and PCT USA?

The choice of program depends on your status at the time of your application:

if you are a student or have graduated within the past 12 months, « Internship USA » is for you. You can apply for PCT if you have 12 months of professional experience during your studies (we can take into consideration your internships)

if you are a college graduate with 1 year of professional experience or if you are a high school graduate with 5 years of professional experience, you need to apply for the « PCT USA » program.

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I am not a native English Speaker or currently enrolled in an English class. Do I have to find my previous English teacher to sign the proof of English in the CIEE Application?

There are three options for this page: the page can be filled out by an English teacher OR you can provide a copy of your grades in an English class OR the results of a TOEIC or TOEFL OR you can confirm that you have had an interview with your employer in English by checking off the appropriate box.

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Concerning my motivations (page 8 of the CIEE Intern/Trainee Application), what do I need to emphasize exactly?

The « Program Information » includes a description of your training goals and motivations. The required information concerns your professional goals, not the linguistic or cultural aspect of your experience.

Ex.: « I would like to acquire a new method of management …. » or « This internship will help me gain experience in a specific field… »

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What is a J-2 visa?

The J-2 visa is for accompanying members of family – spouse or children – for participants holding a J-1 visa.

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I heard it was very difficult (if not impossible) for foreigners (outside the EU) to get a visa

Not at all. However, the visa waiting period, for some nationalities, can be delayed 3 weeks or more. We have had participants from all over the world who obtained their visa without difficulty. Please remember that only the American Consulate has authority on the issuance or refusal of visas.